Jan Vandewege

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This paper presents a novel technique to protect the copyright information by embedding a bit map image as watermark into the frames of videos in such a way in could be extract to proof the ownership from the video contents. The proposed scheme produce a robust video watermarking scheme into two bands therefore named as multiband with strength ?1 and ?2(More)
In this paper we research an FPGA based Application Specific Instruction Set Processor (ASIP) tailored to the needs of a flow aware Ethernet access node. The processor has an architecture optimized to handle flow processing tasks such as parsing, classification and packet manipulation. The VLIW instruction set allows for high degree of parallelism among the(More)
Different extensions to a standard BPON (Broadband Passive Optical Network) are reported. The optical splitting factor was increased from 1:32 to 1:256. A dynamic MAC (Medium Access Control) protocol was demonstrated, which is QoS (Quality of Service) aware and improves the bandwidth efficiency of packet based services on a BPON. Another enhancement is to(More)