Jan Vandewege

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This paper presents a 10 Gb/s avalanche-photodiode-based DC-coupled reshaping and reamplifying (2R) burst-mode receiver with on-chip auto-reset generation and multiple data rate support, designed for 10G-GPONs. A short 2R settling time of 75 ns (150 ns for lower-rate operation), a high receiver sensitivity of -31.3 dBm, and a large loud/soft ratio of 25.3(More)
Today’s broadband access is moving towards PONs at 10Gb/s. This requires a burst-mode receiver to support the TDMA protocol used in its upstream path [1, 2]. Such a receiver consists of a burstmode transimpedance amplifier (BM-TIA) which largely dictates the performance of the receiver and a burst-mode post-amplifier (BM-PA) that removes all dc-offsets(More)
This paper presents a novel technique to protect the copyright information by embedding a bit map image as watermark into the frames of videos in such a way in could be extract to proof the ownership from the video contents. The proposed scheme produce a robust video watermarking scheme into two bands therefore named as multiband with strength ?1 and ?2(More)
A new BiCMOS variable gain transimpedance amplifier with a large area integrated photodiode for automotive applications is presented. Through careful control of the input pole position and the frequency response of the core amplifier, the bandwidth of the transimpedance amplifier varies from 112 to 300 MHz when its gain changes from 14.2 kV to 400 V. The(More)