Jan Van Damme

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Separability in ordinary regression is achieved by partitioning the set of explanatory variables into mutually orthogonal subsets. The coefficient vector of each subset is separate: its estimate depends only on the response and on the explanatory variable scores of the subset. The feasibility of formulating multilevel models with subsets of separate(More)
This study examines the role of teachers' expectations in the association between children's socio-economic background and achievement outcomes. Furthermore, the role of children's ethnicity in moderating this mediated relation is investigated. In the present study, 3,948 children from kindergarten are examined. Data are analysed by means of structural(More)
This short contribution is a comment on M. Moerbeek's exploration of consequences of ignoring a level of clustering in a multilevel model, which was published in the first issue of the 2004 volume of Multivariate Behavioral Research. After having recapitulated the framework and extended the results of Moerbeek's study, we formulate two critical notes.(More)
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