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This paper focuses on compost use in overpasses and underpasses for wild animals over roads and other similar linear structures. In this context, good quality of compost may result in faster and more resistant vegetation cover during the year. Inter alia, this can be interpreted also as reduction of damage and saving lives. There are millions of tones of(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Infection following replacement of the cruciate ligaments of the knee joint may result in not only graft failure but also complete destruction of the joint. The aim of this study was to report the authors' experience with the diagnosis and therapy of this, fortunately occasional, complication. MATERIAL In the period from October 1999(More)
Collagen supplemented with tripeptide (gly-his-lys) was tested for implantation of cervicocapital endoprostheses of the hip in adult minipigs. In anaesthesia bone marrow cavity was filled up with the collagenous gel and then one of the two endoprosthesis types, produced by BMT Poldi Kladno was implanted. The experimental animals were killed eight, nine and(More)
In the years 1986-1987 the authors operated on 14 patients with 15 fractures in the area of the distal part of the forearm. They performed external fixation in open fractures and in unstable, intra-articular and extra-articular closed fractures. They use Poldi 7 external fixation device, the clamp type of fixation with the insertion of 2 screws into the(More)
This work demonstrates the results of treatment of 14 patients with complicated injury of the femur. In all cases external fixation, type Poldi 7 was used. Of great importance from the viewpoint of treatment is the following: - proper revision with sequestrectomy and resec tion of necrotic fragments; - exact technics of aplication the external fixation; -(More)
The authors prepared 7.5% and 12.5% collagen gel, and supplemented it with the tripeptide Gly-His-Lys (GHK), perfloxacine and hypersulphated glycosaminoglycan (HSGAG). By means of 125l marking, its absorption was followed from small polyurethane sponges placed under the skin of rats. The absorption of gel without HSGAG was found to be faster. Antibodies(More)