Jan Tuziemski

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The scenario of remote state preparation with a shared correlated quantum state and one bit of forward communication [B. Dakić et al., Nat. Phys. 8, 666 (2012)] is considered. Optimization of the transmission efficiency is extended to include general encoding and decoding strategies. The importance of the use of linear fidelity is recognized. It is shown(More)
The study of quantum correlations is important for fundamental reasons as well as for quantum communication and information processing tasks. On the one hand, it is of tremendous interest to derive the correlations produced by measurements on separated composite quantum systems from within the set of all correlations obeying the no-signaling principle of(More)
It has been recently shown, that some of the tripartite boxes admitting bilocal decomposition, lead to non-locality under wiring operation applied to two of the subsystems [R. Gallego et al. Physical Review Letters 109, 070401 (2012)]. In the following, we study this phenomenon quantitatively. Basing on the known classes of boxes closed under wirings, we(More)
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