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It has been shown that older adults perform less well than younger adults on the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT), a real-world type decision-making task that factors together reward, punishment, and uncertainty. To explore the reasons behind this age-related decrement, we administered to an adult life span sample of 265 healthy participants (Mdn age = 62.00 +/-(More)
In the context of normal ageing, some individuals experience cognitive changes that affect their decision-making abilities. We investigated whether such cognitive changes could be related to the integrity of cortical white matter, as measured by diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). Participants were administered a well-validated laboratory decision-making task,(More)
Painful bone lesions, both benign and metastatic, are often managed using conventional analgesics. However, the treatment response is not immediate and is often associated with side-effects. Radionuclide therapy is used for pain palliation in bone metastases as well as some benign neoplasms. Endoradiotherapy has direct impact on the pain-producing bone(More)
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