Jan-Thies Bähr

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An in vitro method has been developed for the investigation of the regulation of juvenile hormone biosynthesis by insect corpora allata. Glands were maintained in Marks medium 19AB and JH synthesis quantified by a modified radioimmunoassay for juvenile hormone I. The radioimmunoassay is specific for JH I and exhibits approximately 12.6% cross reactivity(More)
We propose 3D-visualization in order to facilitate the assimilation of computer-represented knowledge by human minds. Since human imagination and reasoning is based on 3D-shapes, the presentation and validation of knowledge is most efficiently performed with the aid of geometric shapes. We motivate the need for visualization in Knowledge Management(More)
  • J C Baehr
  • 1975
The allatectomy in the 4th instar larvae of Rhodnius prolixus stops moulting in 93 per cent of the cases. A different type of moulting results in these larvae after the injection of ecdysone or ecdysterone. The ecdysterone induced a rapid apolysis with a new adultoid cuticle tending towards larval but with the ecdysone, apolysis occurred at normal times and(More)
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