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Fifteen patients were evaluated because of highly symptomatic adult polycystic liver disease. All of them had abdominal pain, two patients had obstructive jaundice, one had ascites and a large right-sided pleural effusion, and one had oesophageal varices. In 4 patients percutaneous aspiration of the largest cysts was performed, but this form of treatment(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Information on the long-term fate of patients with chronic lower limb ischemia is limited. We investigated the long-term risk of the first ischemic and hemorrhagic cerebral stroke in patients on long-term anticoagulant therapy after reconstruction for chronic limb ischemia. METHODS In a retrospective study, 376 consecutive patients(More)
Several aspects of false aneurysm development after prosthetic resconstruction for aortoiliac obstructive disease were studied. For this purpose the long-term results (up to 20 years of follow-up) of 518 patients with implanted arterial prostheses in the aortoiliofemoral tract were retrospectively evaluated. Completeness of follow-up data was 83.2% 15 years(More)
The natural history of aneurysmal disease was analyzed in 50 patients who were treated for 71 popliteal aneurysms. No patients were lost to follow-up (mean, 5.0 years). Initially, 25 popliteal aneurysms (25/71; 35%) were treated nonsurgically, and 46 (46/71; 65%) were treated surgically. Complications developed in 12 of the 21 asymptomatic popliteal(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent or persistent symptoms occur in 10-15 per cent of patients after antireflux surgery. Failure of surgery is not uniform in its presentation. The cause of failure is not easily detected and even harder to treat. Different approaches have been proposed and few reports are available on the objective and subjective outcome of reoperation. (More)
The vascular complications, their management and results of treatment in 400 consecutive renal allotransplants performed at the Leiden University Hospital from March 1966 through July 1979, are presented. There were 50 (12.5%) vascular complications. Among them renal artery stenosis (RAS) occurred in 40 cases (10%), renal artery thrombosis in 7 cases(More)
In this study the early and late results of surgical reconstruction for renovascular hypertension caused by fibrodysplasia are evaluated in 53 patients treated between 1962 and 1983. There were 40 female and 13 male patients. The mean blood pressure was 208/126 mm Hg before medical therapy and 171/109 mm Hg thereafter. Bilateral renal artery stenoses were(More)
1. When [1-14C]oleoyl-CoA was incubated with a pea-leaf homogenate oleate was both incorporated into microsomal 3-sn-phosphatidylcholine and released as the unesterified fatty acid. The proportion of oleate incorporated into this phospholipid was dependent on the relative amounts of thiol ester and microsomal preparation present in reactions. 2. At the(More)