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We explore several ways to formalize the algebraic laws of CSP-like languages in HOL. The intent of the paper is to show how HOL can be tailored to acting as a proof assistant. The emphasis is therefore on the consequences of various choices to be made during the formalization for writing tactics. We end up with a proof assistant that allows a user to make(More)
Introduction The so-called successor relation method was introduced by Sanchis S] in order to prove results, in particular strong normalization, concerning a certain notion of reduction (in connection with GG odel's system T). The method has been further elaborated by Howard H] and in T] it has been exploited to prove semantical results concerning terms(More)
Introduction StudColl is a course that master students in computing science follow in the first year of their master study at the University of Groningen. In the academic year 2003-2004 StudColl was organized for the first time as a conference. Students wrote a paper, participated in the review process, gave a presentation and were session chair during the(More)
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