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We explore several ways to formalize the algebraic laws of CSP-like languages in HOL. The intent of the paper is to show how HOL can be tailored to acting as a proof assistant. The emphasis is therefore on the consequences of various choices to be made during the formalization for writing tactics. We end up with a proof assistant that allows a user to make(More)
Introduction The so-called successor relation method was introduced by Sanchis S] in order to prove results, in particular strong normalization, concerning a certain notion of reduction (in connection with GG odel's system T). The method has been further elaborated by Howard H] and in T] it has been exploited to prove semantical results concerning terms(More)
<lb>Segmentation is a technique that is widely used in low-level image processing. Images<lb>obtained from a camera need some processing before higher-level decision operations can<lb>be made. Often, objects have to be recognized which influence the behavior of the over-<lb>all system.Examples of such operations are car steering systems, autonomous robots(More)
Non glycoside inotropic agents are regularly used in the treatment of critically ill neonates. There are reasons to believe that the neonate reacts differently to these inotropic agents because of differences in physiology and maturation. In this paper the oxygen consumption and oxygen transport, heart failure in the newborn, effects of non glycoside(More)
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