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Planar microcavities with distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs) host, besides confined optical modes, also mechanical resonances due to stop bands in the phonon dispersion relation of the DBRs. These resonances have frequencies in the 10- to 100-GHz range, depending on the resonator's optical wavelength, with quality factors exceeding 1,000. The interaction(More)
Generally the discharge in a dielectric barrier arrangement consists of a great number of filaments in parallel. It has been shown in the past that barrier discharges without filaments could also be established in special electrode arrangements and in limited working domains at atmospheric pressure. Further it was shown that a reliable control of such(More)
Astronomical interferometry is a unique technique that allows observation with angular resolutions on the milliarcsec scale by combining the light of several apertures hundreds of meters apart. The PIONIER and GRAVITY instruments at the Very Large Telescope Interferometer have demonstrated that silica-based integrated optics (IO) provide a small-scale and(More)
In the past two decades high precision optical astronomical interferometry has benefited from the use of photonic technologies. Today, near-infrared interferometric instruments deliver high-resolution, hyperspectral images of astronomical objects and combine up to 4 independent telescopes at a time thanks to integrated optics (IO). Following the success of(More)
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