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Quality of Government
The authors argue that the concept of quality of government should be best understood as that of having impartial government institutions. This definition avoids functionalism, ignores the contentsExpand
What Is Quality of Government? A Theory of Impartial Government Institutions
The recent growth in research on "good governance" and the quality of government institutions has been propelled by empirical findings that show that such institutions may hold the key toExpand
Why Anticorruption Reforms Fail—Systemic Corruption as a Collective Action Problem
With an increased awareness of the detrimental effects of corruption on development, strategies to fight it are now a top priority in policy circles. Yet, in countries ridden with systemicExpand
Conceptualizing and Measuring Democracy: A New Approach
In the wake of the Cold War, democracy has gained the status of a mantra. Yet there is no consensus about how to conceptualize and measure regimes such that meaningful comparisons can be made throughExpand
V-Dem Codebook V7
Authoritarian regime types revisited: updated data in comparative perspective
This article introduces a modified and updated version of the authoritarian regime type dataset first introduced by Hadenius and Teorell. The basic logic and merits of this dataset is presented,Expand
The Quality of Government Standard Dataset, Version Jan19
The QoG Standard data-set is our largest data-set. It consists of approximately 2100 variables from more than 100 data sources.<br><br>In the QoG Standard CS data-set, data from and around 2015 isExpand
Political participation and three theories of democracy: A research inventory and agenda
This article proposes an agenda for political participation research aimed at providing empirical answers to questions derived from normative political theory. Based on a threefold distinctionExpand
V-Dem Codebook V6
All variables that V-Dem is compiling are included in the Codebook.