Jan Szymanski

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Nonlinear chemical medium can be used to perform information processing functions. In typical applications information is coded in excitation pulses and required operations are performed by interaction of pulses forced by intentionally introduced geometrical structure of the medium. Here we describe a structured system that seems promising for information(More)
This deliverable complements the link to experimental results and differential equation models from ICFPAN that were missing in deliverable D3.1. Abstract Here we review and extend models on different scales for a computing architecture made from networks of excitable chemical droplets. The model system of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction enclosed in(More)
Lipid covered droplets containing solution of reagents of oscilla-tory Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction and surrounded by hydrocarbons form an interesting system for studying information processing operations that can be directly executed by a chemical medium. Activa-1 tions are transmitted between droplets in contact so the ensemble of droplets can be(More)
Cooperation plays the crucial role in shared space of the homecare processes. It is a rather hard task to ensure effective cooperation in home care environment. This is due to variability of schedules, tasks and mobility of both patients and carers. In this paper, we discuss sensor network technology that can facilitate and improve home care cooperation(More)
This paper discusses teaching and learning strategies of Wireless Sensor Networks technology in a new postgraduate subject run at the Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Technology, Sydney. The aim is to present the role of using practice based and multidisciplinary methodologies in the context of new ICT technologies. This includes shared(More)
Giant micrometer sized vesicles are of obvious interest to the natural sciences as well as engineering, having potential application in fields ranging from drug delivery to synthetic biology. Their formation often requires elaborate experimental techniques and attempts to obtain giant vesicles from chemical media in a one-pot fashion have so far led to much(More)
The cerium(IV)-alcohol couple in an acidic medium is an example of a redox system capable of initiating free radical polymerization. When the alcohol has a polymeric nature, the outcome of such a process is a block copolymer, a member of a class of compounds possessing many useful properties. The most common polymer with a terminal -OH group is(More)
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