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In this paper, we present the extended transfer bound analysis for the error performance of a general trellis code in the channel with the overall correlated continuous valued nuisance parameters. We introduce proper parameter model and include it into a new extended form of the transfer function. In this way, both, the new additional parameter space and(More)
—The paper addresses a Hierarchical Decode and Forward (HDF) strategy in the wireless 2-Way Relay Channel (2-WRC). This strategy uses a Hierarchical eXclusive Code (HXC) that allows full decoding of the hierarchical symbols at the relay. The HXC represents two data sources only through the exclusive law and requires side information on the complementary(More)
The paper gives an overview of the multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems and discusses their benefits enabling an increase in the system capacity and an increase of system reliability. The former is attained by signal multiplexing and the later by space encoding. The basic algorithms required for a proper operation of the MIMO systems, i.e. channel(More)
—We present a strategy for the relay sharing in the 2-source relay wireless network with the hierarchical decode and forward relaying. It processes both incoming coded symbols through the minimal hierarchical symbol mapping of the same cardinality as the two individual symbol streams and requires a full (perfect) Complementary Side-Information (C-SI) on the(More)
— The Nonlinear Multichannel Modulation (particularly the CPM class) can better respect technological constraints on the transmitter (e.g. nonlinearity) due to its multidimen-sional waveform space which allows to decouple the second order properties of the constellation and the actual waveform shape (e.g. constant envelope). However the receiver processing(More)
Evaluation of effective or macroscopic coefficients of thermal conductivity under coupled heat and moisture transfer is presented. The paper first gives a detailed summary on the solution of a simple steady state heat conduction problem with an emphasis on various types of boundary conditions applied to the representative volume element – a periodic unit(More)
— A constant envelope space-time modulation seems to be an attractive option especially for very high frequency and mobile applications because of its resistance to a nonlinear distortion. The paper first analyzes the mean squared distance of the constant envelope space-time modulated signal in a Rayleigh slowly flat fading spatial diversity channel with(More)
Homogenization of a simultaneous heat and moisture flow in a masonry wall is presented in this paper. The principle objective is to examine an impact of the assumed imperfect hydraulic contact on the resulting homogenized properties. Such a contact is characterized by a certain mismatching resistance allowing us to represent a discontinuous evolution of(More)
Physical resource sharing between wireless operators and service providers is necessary in order to support efficient, competitive, and innovative wireless communication markets. By sharing resources, such as spectrum or infrastructure, which are usually exclusively allocated interference is created on the physical layer. Therefore, the economic gains,(More)
— The paper shows a procedure for evaluating the symmetric ergodic capacity of nonlinearly modulated finite alphabet signals in MIMO random channel. We first investigate informationally equivalent signal space representation for finite alphabet signals. The signals are allowed to be multidimensional per one antenna to reflect the modulation nonlinearity.(More)