Jan Suffczyński

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A source of triggered entangled photon pairs is a key component in quantum information science; it is needed to implement functions such as linear quantum computation, entanglement swapping and quantum teleportation. Generation of polarization entangled photon pairs can be obtained through parametric conversion in nonlinear optical media or by making use of(More)
Solotronics, optoelectronics based on solitary dopants, is an emerging field of research and technology reaching the ultimate limit of miniaturization. It aims at exploiting quantum properties of individual ions or defects embedded in a semiconductor matrix. It has already been shown that optical control of a magnetic ion spin is feasible using the carriers(More)
A simple fabrication method of silver (Ag) nano-islands on ZnO films is presented. Continuous wave and time-resolved photoluminescence and transmission are employed to investigate modifications of visible and UV emissions of ZnO brought about by coupling to localized surface plasmons residing on Ag nanoislands. The size of the nanoislands, determining their(More)
  • Ben Ramzi, Chamekh, M Gérald Bastard, Ens Examinateur, M Marc-André, Epfl Rapporteur +17 others
  • 2013
Fonctions d'onde locales dans le formalisme des liaisons fortes Soutenue le 14 décembre 2012 devant le jury composé de : Arnold et Hai son Nguyen pour leur contribution à l'ambiance et à la bonne humeur. Je remercie aussi tous les membres du LPN, et plus particulièrement les services administratifs et informatique sans qui rien ne pourrait fonctionner. 4(More)
Owing to the variety of possible charge and spin states and to the different ways of coupling to the environment, paramagnetic centres in wide band-gap semiconductors and insulators exhibit a strikingly rich spectrum of properties and functionalities, exploited in commercial light emitters and proposed for applications in quantum information. Here we(More)
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