Jan Stroet

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Evidence is available that pharmacological interference with the cholinergic system may disrupt behavior in experimental procedures designed to investigate learning and memory processes. Recently it has been suggested that the cholinergic system may be sexually dimorphic. The present experiment was designed to investigate whether or not manipulation of the(More)
Input tools, originally introduced as a language model for interactive systems and based on high-level, input-driven objects, have been developed into a model for communicating parallel processes, called the input tool process model (ITP). In this model every process contains an input rule, comparable to the right-hand side of a production rule. This rule(More)
A critical look is taken at the ADA communication primitives by comparing them to the ITP (Input Tool Process) model, the model for process communication developed at Nijmegen. The comparison is done by means of example solutions to several problems in both models.It is shown that by using features extracted from the ITP model, the communication facilities(More)
During the past year a group of people involved in various ways in computer graphics in The Netherlands have held regular discussions on topics in the intersecting fields of graphics standards, input tools and interactive programs. We feel that we have developed some clarifying definitions and principles which we would like to communicate. Repercussions on(More)
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