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A meshless approximation and local integral equation (LIE) formulation are proposed for elastodynamic analysis of a hollow cylinder made of quasicrystal materials with decagonal quasicrystal properties. The cylinder is assumed to be under shock loading. Therefore, the general transient elastodynamic problem is considered for coupled phonon and phason(More)
We review the fundamental modeling and numerical simulation for a prediction of fiber orientation during injection molding process of polymer composite. In general, the simulation of fiber orientation involves coupled analysis of flow, temperature, moving free surface, and fiber kinematics. For the governing equation of the flow, Hele-Shaw flow model along(More)
Novel unified analytical displacement and stress fundamental solutions as well as the higher order derivatives of the displacement fundamental solutions for three-dimensional, generally anisotropic and linear elastic materials are presented in this paper. Adequate integral expressions for the displacement and stress fundamental solutions as well as the(More)
A reduced stabilized mixed finite-element RSMFE formulation based on proper orthogonal decomposition POD for the transient Navier-Stokes equations is presented. An ensemble of snapshots is compiled from the transient solutions derived from a stabilized mixed finite-element SMFE method based on two local Gauss integrations for the two-dimensional transient(More)
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