Jan Skrzypek

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BACKGROUND Congenital hemidysplasia with ichthyosiform nevus and limb defects (MIM 308050, CHILD) syndrome is an X-linked dominant, male-lethal, multisystem birth defect. Patients suffer from an inflammatory nevus that covers large areas, predominantly of one side of the body, with a sharp midline demarcation. Treatment of CHILD nevus is notoriously(More)
Sirolimus is used as a powerful immunosuppressant drug in patients after organ transplantation. It was shown to block spermatogenesis by interrupting the stem cell factor/c-kit system. Oligozoospermia was shown in single patients. In addition, a decrease of testosterone and an increase of gonadotropin levels were observed. We report on a young patient who(More)
The clinical usefulness of detection of TSH receptor antibodies (TRAK-assay, Henning) in differential diagnosis of thyroid disorders and in follow up of treatment of Graves' disease was evaluated and compared to thyroperoxidase antibodies estimation (DYNOtest antiTPO Henning). 313 patients with various thyroid diseases and 50 persons from control group were(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of antisperm antibodies on the acrosome reaction (AR). DESIGN Clinical study. SETTING University of Marburg, Department of Andrology, Clinical Training Center of the European Academy of Andrology. PATIENT(S) Spermatozoa from a pool of healthy donors were incubated with 30 seminal plasma samples from infertile men(More)
The manual of the World Health Organization defines leucocytospermia as the presence of >1 x 10(6) white blood cells per ml semen. Most authors consider leucocytospermia to be a consequence of inflammation due to bacterial infection. However, the efficacy of antibiotic therapy was not unequivocally demonstrated until now. We started a prospective,(More)
The effect of serotonin given into the lateral ventricle of the brain in rats was investigated. Serotonin was solved in artificial cerebrospinal fluid and administered in three doses: 250 microgram, 50 microgram, 10 microgram. Only the highest dose of serotonin caused a statistically significant increase in serum TSH level 0.5 h after the injection. The(More)