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Most football players and coaches agree that players are capable of learning to use both feet with equal frequency and efficiency--that is, become 'two-footed'. There is also some consensus that two-footed play is associated with skill in individual players. If these assumptions are true, then the world's elite football players should be substantially less(More)
A strong preference for using the right foot for skilled activities parallels a similar side bias for hand use. However, many neuropsychologists, sports scientists and sports commentators argue that right-foot bias in soccer is reduced or even eliminated by practice. This sort of plasticity is an important component of the principle genetic theories of(More)
List of range countries by populations, where the plan is to be implemented and national organizations in each country involved in the preparation of the action plan: Geographical Scope The Spoonbill has a wide distribution from Europe to East Asia. Its distribution is partly included within the geographical range of the actions of AEWA. The present Action(More)
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