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Environmental issues are becoming a part of the agenda in almost any kind of technology policy debate. Information Communication Technology or ICT is often seen as the technical solution, which can help us avoid climate change as well as other environmental problems. At the same time the production and use of ICT equipment is energy consumptive and an(More)
2 " If we accept the cosmopolitan challenge, we will tell our representatives that we want them to remember those strangers. Not because we are moved by their suffering – we may or may not be – but because we are responsive to what Adam Smith called 'reason, principle, conscience, the inhabitant of the beast'. The people of the richest nations can do(More)
Like other technical changes, the new information technologies have inspired hopes and fears. The optimists celebrate the "technologies of freedom" and their potential for growth and autonomy, the enhancement of skills and culture, the elimination of unpleasant and boring tasks (Pool 1984). On the other hand, the pessimists fear dehumanized work, growing(More)
Recent theories of communication for development consider the lack of political, economic and cultural power of lower-status sectors as the central problem to be addressed in development. The majority do not have access to the education, technical assistance, good health and housing needed to make a contribution to national development. A deeper issue are(More)
An apparatus is described which is capable to determine cardiac excitability through the automatical registration of the strength-duration curve. The instrument consists of a circuit which discriminates premature QRS-complexes from normal QRS-complexes, it features logic circuits which “decide” whether strength or duration of the stimulus pulse should be(More)