Jan Serroyen

Frans J. M. E. Roumen2
Mirjam Weemhoff2
Ellen Vloeberghs1
Martine M. L. H. Wassen1
Matthias Staufenbiel1
2Frans J. M. E. Roumen
2Mirjam Weemhoff
1Ellen Vloeberghs
1Martine M. L. H. Wassen
1Matthias Staufenbiel
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Transgenic APP23 mice were generated to model Alzheimer's disease. The APP23 model develops pathological features, learning deficits, and memory deficits analogous to dementing patients. In this report, transgenic mice exhibited several behavioral disturbances indicating the presence of neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia. Aiming to verify whether the(More)
INTRODUCTION AND HYPOTHESIS This study aimed to determine the relationship of recurrent cystocele with avulsion of puborectalis muscle and other risk factors. METHODS In this prospective observational cohort study, 245 women undergoing anterior colporrhaphy were invited for a 2-year follow-up visit consisting of a questionnaire, physical examination, and(More)
INTRODUCTION AND HYPOTHESIS The aim of this study was to compare the number of temporary catheter replacements and urinary tract infections after indwelling catheterization for 2 versus 5 days following an anterior colporrhaphy. METHODS Two hundred forty-six patients were randomly assigned to 2 or 5 days of indwelling catheterization. Outcome measures(More)
BACKGROUND Optimal surgical management of digital nerve lesions remains uncertain despite the publication of numerous studies. The purposes of this review were primarily to analyze whether there is a superior surgical technique for digital nerve repair and secondarily to statistically verify the variables to be predictors of sensory recovery. METHODS A(More)
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