Jan Selén

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Very little is known about the prevalence of morning work and its relationship with sleep and fatigue. The present study obtained data from a representative sample of the Swedish population (N = 5489) to address this limitation in the literature. The results show that 15% of the population commenced work, at least occasionally, before 05:30 h and(More)
Long-term sickness absence has doubled in Sweden, as has complaints of disturbed sleep. The present study sought to investigate the prospective link between long-term sickness absence and disturbed sleep or fatigue. Sleep and fatigue from a representative national sample was followed up 1.5-2 yr later in terms of return from long-term (>or=90 d) and(More)
Carling, Holmlund and Vejsiu reported in the October 2001 issue of the Economic Journal that a cut in the unemployment insurance replacement rate from 80 to 75 percent caused a 10 percent increase in the job finding rate. They also identify an anticipatory reform effect up to five months before the reform. Implied elasticity at 1,6 is high compared to(More)
The elasticity of taxable income indicates the effects on income from a change in the marginal tax rate. In a number of studies on U.S. data rather strong effects have been found, although estimates seem lower in more recent papers. Studies based on data from other countries are only a few and indicate lower effects. A difference-indifferences approach(More)
Most labour market analyses take money wages as the sole measure of compensation for labour, thus excluding fringe benefits. We examine an extended compensation measure by incorporating mandatory collective earnings-related insurance rights: the rights of individual old age pension, sickness benefit insurance and survivors' pension. We estimate the return(More)
Most labour market analyses take money wages as the sole measure of compensation for labour. Fringe benefits and earnings-related insurance rights are excluded from this measure of labour compensation. We examine a more proper and extended compensation measure by including mandatory collective earnings-related insurance rights. These are individual old age(More)
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