Jan Schneider-Barnes

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In recent years sensor components have been extending classical computer-based support systems in a variety of applications domains (sports, health, etc.). In this article we review the use of sensors for the application domain of learning. For that we analyzed 82 sensor-based prototypes exploring their learning support. To study this learning support we(More)
Multi-touch interaction techniques are becoming more widespread because of new industrial initiatives to make this hardware available and affordable for the consumer market. To cope with the diversity in hardware setups and the lack of knowledge about developing generic multi-touch applications, we created a framework, Eunomia, for abstracting the hardware(More)
In this paper we present BonnCell, our solution to compute leaf cell layouts in VLSI design. Our placement algorithm allows to find very compact solutions and uses an accurate target function to guarantee routability. The routing algorithm handles all nets simultaneously using a constraint generation MIP based approach. Finally, yield and electromigration(More)
The Presentation Trainer is a multimodal tool designed to support the practice of public speaking skills, by giving the user real-time feedback about different aspects of her nonverbal communication. It tracks the user's voice and body to interpret her current performance. Based on this performance the Presentation Trainer selects the type of intervention(More)
This paper describes a comparative study between the usage of low-fidelity and a high-fidelity prototyping for the creation of multi-user multi-touch interfaces. The multi-touch interface presented in this paper allows users to collaboratively search for existing multimedia content, create new compositions with this content, and finally integrate it in a(More)
In educational settings, current digital technologies often work counter-productive because people using them experience separation and isolation. This paper describes a set of multi-touch multimedia interaction applications that especially were designed to enhance co-located collaboration between users. We present the underlying framework for creating such(More)
The paper presents and outlines the demonstration of Presentation Trainer, a prototype that works as a public speaking instructor. It tracks and analyses the body posture, movements and voice of the user in order to give instructional feedback on non-verbal communication skills. Besides exploring the background of the feedback theory used by the prototype,(More)