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This paper describes the design criteria and annotation guidelines of the Sinica Treebank. The three design criteria are: Maximal Resource Sharing, Minimal Structural Complexity, and Optimal Semantic Information. One of the important design decisions guided by these criteria is the encoding of thematic role information. We discuss the representational and(More)
Vancomycin is one of a family of related macrocyclic glycopeptide antibiotics that were discovered by scientists at the Eli Lilly Company in the 1950s. It has been used to treat severe staphylococcal infections, particularly when bacterial resistance to other antibiotics has developed. Vancomycin is a naturally occurring chiral compound and has a number of(More)
This paper employs the manufacturing sampling survey data from the industry, commerce, and service census of Taiwan in 1991 to explore the issue of whether IT investment brings about the productivity paradox. In order to take the improvement of product quality caused by IT investment into account, a proper computer price index is used to deflate the IT(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of distraction osteogenesis for severe micrognathia by comparing the pre- and post-operative profile and mentolabial relationship. METHODS 16 cases underwent temporal-mandibular joint plasty and temporal fasciomuscular flap transfer. The mandibular distraction began at the 5th postoperative day at a rate of 0.8 mm a day,(More)
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