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With Voice and Video over IP spreading to the new areas of mobile communications, the speech quality becomes a concern of high importance. Monitoring systems of various types are deployed massively in the infrastructure of all the providers. These systems provide the knowledge base for the providers to set the infrastructure of theirs properly and(More)
This paper deals with new proposal of a speech quality monitoring tool based on the perceptual evaluation of speech quality in accordance with ITU-T P.862 and its application in a research project investigating an impact of meteorological conditions on the speech quality in a GSM network. Every time we make a call using the GSM network the speech quality(More)
Research in the field of efficient measuring SIP based network elements' performance has been performed in the department of telecommunications in VSB-Technical University of Ostrava for two years now. Since that we have accomplished several significant achievements moving the testing architecture from virtualization-based to multiprocessing one. In this(More)
The paper deals with the modelling of the network effects on the quality of speech in the Voice over IP networks. The main purpose of the ideas presented here is to achieve high-precision estimation of the speech quality in the environment in which the classical approaches of speech quality determination fail. To achieve such a high precision a modular(More)
The paper deals with real time round trip measurement methodology. In contrast with probe-based methods, the new methodology tries to use an existing VoIP Operator infrastructure without any hardware or software installation into the infrastructure. The measurement is based on packet payload comparison and timestamp evaluation. The results of the(More)
The complexity and robustness of the currently used IP telephony infrastructures requires systematic monitoring of the network against security threats, where captured incidents are often used as a source of information for further research and analytical optimization of the monitored topologies. This article presents an analysis of IP telephony security(More)