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  • Ncc-Wch, Andrew Welsh Original, +5 authors Merrall-Ross
  • 2008
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Twelve blood chemistry values, six haematological values and bodyweight were estimated for six-week-old specific-pathogen-free brown leghorns. Observations were based on 208 birds sampled from 11 groups. Subsequently the same values were estimated for specific pathogen free brown leghorns and broiler hybrids of differing ages. These estimates have been(More)
Three human immunodeficiency virus-infected subjects with progressive cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis despite prolonged antiviral therapy had buffy coat CMV isolates that were resistant to both ganciclovir and foscarnet. Genetic analysis of the resistant isolates showed that each contained a well-known ganciclovir resistance mutation in the viral UL97(More)
Resistance to Fasciola hepatica was shown by a 64 per cent reduction in fluke recovery compared with control rats was recorded in rats inoculated with serum from sheep experimentally infected with F hepatica. A comparable reduction (55.6 per cent) was obtained using transfer factor prepared from lysed leucocytes of infected rats. No significant reduction(More)