Jan R. Šlapeta

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Hammondia heydorni is thought to be a non-pathogenic coccidian parasite of dogs that is closely related to Neospora caninum, an important parasite of cattle and dogs. Oocysts of these two species are(More)
Cyst-forming coccidia of the genus Sarcocystis (Alveolata: Apicomplexa: Coccidea) parasitize vertebrates worldwide. Data from the small subunit rRNA genes (SSU) and the D2 domain of the large subunit(More)
'Isospora' lieberkuehni, an unusual isosporoid renal coccidium that parasitizes the European water frog was isolated from the edible frog, Rana kl. esculenta, in the Czech Republic. Sequencing of the(More)