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The Car2Car communication will use a reserved frequency band at 5.9 GHz. One of the key requirements for a Car2Car antenna is that the gain is concentrated in the horizontal plane, which is a problem due to the limited ground plane of a car roof. The influence of roof curvature, roof racks and panorama glass roofs were investigated to quantify them. To the(More)
This paper deals with a method of the radiation pattern determination of the directional antennas. The method combining both the functional minimization method and the Fourier iterative algorithm is based on the phaseless near-field measurement on two plane surfaces. The method is used for a reconstruction of the phase distribution on the aperture of the(More)
In the paper, we describe analysis of Vivaldi antenna array aimed for microwave image application and SAR application operating at Ka band. The antenna array is fed by a SIW feed network for its low insertion loss and broadband performances in millimeter wave range. In our proposal we have replaced the large feed network by a simple relatively broadband(More)
In this paper, we present an optimization procedure exploiting a functional minimization method that utilizes the phaseless electric field data over two plane surfaces for the reconstruction of the phase distribution on the aperture of the measured antenna. The performance of a real-valued genetic algorithm (RVGA) applied to the functional minimization is(More)
In the paper, wideband antenna arrays aimed at microwave imaging applications and SAR applications operating at Ka band were designed. The antenna array feeding network is realized by a low-loss SIW technology. Moreover, we have replaced the large feed network comprised of various T and Y junctions by a simple broadband network of compact size to more(More)
A design of a radome-covered slot antenna array based on Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technology is presented in this paper. The design method consists of the analysis of an isolated radiating element, the synthesis of a linear array, the optimization of a planar array, and the development of a power divider with a transition from a feeding metal(More)
In this letter, we describe the design and simulation of on-body antennas for wireless body area network (WBAN) communication operating in the 61-GHz ISM frequency band. We developed a disc-like concept of an antenna. Instead of a direct connection between a circular disc and a feeding pin, the electromagnetic coupling is used. This concept enables us to(More)
In the paper, we developed a relatively broadband high-gain small antenna array composed of two layers. The antenna operates at about 27.0 GHz (Ka-band). First, we designed a bottom layer composed of 2×2 patches with an inset feed. Then, we added a second layer with parasitic patches to obtain better impedance and radiation properties. Since the(More)
In this letter, a novel concept of a high-gain Vivaldi antenna operating in the K<sub>a</sub> frequency band is proposed. The antenna is fed by the substrate integrated waveguide. The concept overcomes shortcomings of conventional antipodal Vivaldi antenna using dielectric load with printed metal transition and transverse ripples. The added parts are(More)
The novel approach exploits the principle of the conventional two-plane amplitude measurements for the reconstruction of the unknown electric field distribution on the antenna aperture. The method combines a global optimization with a compression method. The global optimization method (GO) is used to minimize the functional, and the compression method is(More)