Jan Powroźnik

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Background and Study Objectives. Enterovesical fistula (EVF) is a devastating complication of a variety of inflammatory and neoplastic diseases. Radiological imaging plays a vital role in the diagnosis of EVF and is indispensable to gastroenterologists and surgeons for choosing the correct therapeutic option. This paper provides an overview of the diagnosis(More)
BACKGROUND There has been a large body of research on obesity and the risk of prostate cancer (PCa) that has been published recently. However, the epidemiological evidence for such an association has not been consistent. This may be attributed to the nature of case-control and retrospective studies, which generally are more prone to biases. Therefore, we(More)
Prostate, bladder and kidney cancers remain the most common cancers of the urinary tract. Despite improved primary prevention, detection and treatment, the incidence of age-related cancers of the urinary tract is likely to rise as a result of global population ageing. An association of diet with prostate, bladder and kidney carcinogenesis is plausible since(More)
Suprapubic catheterisation is generally considered a safe procedure. It can, however, be associated with complications including haematuria. It is usually self-limiting and easily treated with non-surgical measures but at times formal treatment in the operating room may be required. We present an endoscopic management of bladder tamponade through a(More)
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