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We present the Prague Dependency Treebank 2.5, the newest version of PDT and the first to be released under a free license. We show the benefits of PDT 2.5 in comparison to other state-of-the-art treebanks. We present the new features of the 2.5 release, how they were obtained and how reliably they are annotated. We also show how they can be used in queries(More)
We introduce a substantial update of the Prague Czech-English Dependency Treebank, a parallel corpus manually annotated at the deep syntactic layer of linguistic representation. The English part consists of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) section of the Penn Treebank. The Czech part was translated from the English source sentence by sentence. This paper gives(More)
Rye is one of the most recalcitrant species in tissue culture. A multi-factorial experimental design allowed the development of genotype-specific tissue culture protocols, maximising the plant regeneration response from rye tissue culture. Precocious germination of explants, callus induction and callus maintenance (formation of rhizogenic and caulogenic(More)
Open-cast mining activity is causing the largest georelief transfigurations all over the World. In our conditions are affected large localities in the North-west Bohemia (the Czech Republic). In this area we focus on a very significant case of the royal town Most, where a town has been turned into a lake. The main aim of this paper is the reconstruction of(More)
Integrated Modular Avionics begins a core part of aircraft electronic installations on military airplanes. Based on more available and powerful electronics this concept is introduced also in to the area of civil aviation despite of more demanding certification process. Modern electronics penetrate also into ultra-light class of airplanes that are more(More)
Possible enhancement of biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in agricultural soil after tank truck accident (~5000 mg/kg dry soil initial concentration) by bioaugmentation of diesel degrading Pseudomonas fluorescens strain and addition of abiotic additives (humates, zeolite) was studied in a 9-month pot experiment. The biodegradation process was(More)
This paper describes usage of two modified attitude heading and reference systems whose two pressure sensors are used to provide a new source of altimetry information that allows determination of position angles and inertial measurement unit sensor error models. The system is called Pressure Reference System. The two collaborating units use MEMS based(More)
This article describes a design of a probe intended for aero metrical instrument testing which is being hanged under an airplane. The probe collects data in an undisturbed airfield and compares them with data provided by dashboard instruments. The differences reveal quality of an airplane prototype design during maiden flights. The most important flight(More)
This paper deals with possibility of increasing accuracy and long term stability of an inertial measurement unit based on MEMS sensors used in a trailing bomb probe. The probe uses an air speed sensor, an altimeter, angle of attack and angle of sideslip sensors, and a complete IMU composed of triads of MEMS gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers(More)
The content of phospholipid fatty acids (PLFA) was determined in samples of polyvinyl alcohol lenses (Lentikats Biocatalyst, LB) with encapsulated Paracoccus denitrificans withdrawn during long-term denitrification experiments. The total PLFA content correlated highly with specific denitrification activities of LB as well as biomass estimation based on(More)