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The present area of European wetlands is only a fraction of their area before the start of large-scale human colonization of Europe. Many European wetlands have been exploited and managed for various purposes. Large wetland areas have been drained and reclaimed mainly for agriculture and establishment of human settlements. These threats to European wetlands(More)
Two basic types of cancers were identified – those with the mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer cells (the Warburg effect) or in fibroblasts supplying energy rich metabolites to a cancer cell with functional mitochondria (the reverse Warburg effect). Inner membrane potential of the functional and dysfunctional mitochondria measured by fluorescent(More)
Previous research in real-time databases has focused primarily on evolution and evaluation of transaction processing algorithms, priority assignment strategies or concurrency control techniques. But for the most part the research efforts are based only on simulation studies with many parameters defined. It is very difficult to achieve guaranteed real time(More)
Continuous energy supply, a necessary condition for life, excites a state far from thermodynamic equilibrium, in particular coherent electric polar vibrations depending on water ordering in the cell. Disturbances in oxidative metabolism and coherence are a central issue in cancer development. Oxidative metabolism may be impaired by decreased pyruvate(More)
Energy fluxes, including net radiation, latent heat flux and sensible heat flux were determined on clear days during the vegetative period in four types of land cover: wet meadow, pasture, arable field, and an artificial concrete surface. The average net radiation ranged between 123 W m−2 at the concrete surface and 164 W m−2 at the wet meadow. The mean(More)
In this work, we describe synthesis of conjugates of betulinic acid with substituted triazoles prepared via Huisgen 1,3-cycloaddition. All compounds contain free 28-COOH group. Allylic bromination of protected betulinic acid by NBS gave corresponding 30-bromoderivatives, their substitution with sodium azides produced 30-azidoderivatives and these azides(More)
The role of plants in global climate change discussions is usually considered only in terms of the albedo and sinks/sources of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. The main aim of this review article is to summarize the entire impact of vegetation on the climate change. It describes quantitatively the energy balance of vegetated surfaces and the effect of(More)
Introduction Evaluation of thermal comfort in non-uniform and transient environments is still a challenging topic, which requires knowledge of human physiology and perception of the thermal environment. We present the Matlab implementation of the Fiala thermophysiological model [1] coupled with the empirical model of human thermal comfort [2]. Both models(More)
Introduction Thermal comfort evaluation based on the Comfort zone diagram is relatively new and promising method [1] developed by Håkan O. Nilsson [2]. The method was developed mainly for non uniform indoor environments [3] such as vehicle cabins [4]. Mean thermal vote (MTV) is correlated with equivalent temperature, which is typically measured by a thermal(More)
In this paper we focus on tracking of players in team sports with multiple cameras. We evaluate a state of the art multi-camera multi-target tracking algorithm on a novel floorball dataset. We chose recent Probabilistic Occupancy Map and K-Shortest Path algorithms with a publicly available implementation that enables easy deployment. Both algorithms are(More)