Jan Platos

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In this article we discuss a simple hash function based upon properties of a well-known combinatorial design called quasigroups. The quasigroups are equivalent to the more familiar Latin squares and one of their most important properties is that all possible element of certain quasigroup occurs with equal probability. Actual implementations are based on(More)
The analysis of social networks is concentrated mainly on uncovering hidden relations and properties of network nodes (vertices). Most of the current approaches are focused on different network types and different network coefficients. This article introduces a social network analysis based on the so-called Forgetting Curve and Swarm Intelligence inspired(More)
Current Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) examine all data features to detect intrusion or misuse patterns. Some of the features may be redundant or contribute little (if anything) to the detection process. The purpose of this research is to identify important input features in building an IDS that is computationally efficient and effective. This paper(More)
—Fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic can be used for efficient data classification by fuzzy rules and fuzzy classifiers. This paper presents an application of genetic programming to the evolution of fuzzy classifiers based on extended Boolean queries. Extended Boolean queries are well known concept in the area of fuzzy information retrieval. An extended Boolean(More)
Differential evolution is an efficient populational meta -- heuristic optimization algorithm successful in solving difficult real world problems. Due to the simplicity of its operations and data structures, it is suitable for a parallel implementation on multicore systems and on the GPU. In this paper, we design a simple yet highly parallel implementation(More)
—It is a fact that vast majority of attention is given to protecting against external threats, which are considered more dangerous. However, some industrial surveys have indicated they have had attacks reported internally. Insider Attacks are an unusual type of threat which are also serious and very common. Unlike an external intruder, in the case of(More)
Linear Ordering Problem (LOP) is a well know optimization problem attractive for its complexity (it is a NP-hard problem), rich collection of testing data and variety of real world applications. In this paper, we investigate the usage and performance of two variants of Genetic Algorithms Mutation Only Genetic Algorithms and Higher Level Chromosome Genetic(More)
—Fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic can be used for efficient data mining, classification, and value prediction. We propose a genetically evolved fuzzy predictor to estimate the output of a Photovoltaic Power Plant. Photovoltaic Power Plants (PVPPs) are classified as power energy sources with unstable supply of electrical energy. It is necessary to back up power(More)
—In this study we discuss a method for evolution of quasigroups with desired properties based on genetic algorithms. Quasigroups are a well-known combinatorial design equivalent to the more familiar Latin squares. One of their most important properties is that all possible elements of certain quasigroup occur with equal probability. The quasigroups are(More)