Jan Pettersen Nytun

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An increasing number of data sources are available on the Internet, many of which offer semantically overlapping data, but based on different schemas, or models. While it is often of interest to integrate such data sources, the lack of consistency among them makes this integration difficult. This paper addresses the need for new techniques that enable the(More)
In the standard generative Model-driven Architecture (MDA), adapting the models of an existing system requires re-generation and restarting of that system. This is due to a strong separation between the modeling environment and the runtime environment. Certain current approaches remove this separation, allowing a system to be changed smoothly when the model(More)
In science and elsewhere models are weaved together forming complex knowledge structures. This article presents a generic way of connecting models with model borders both vertically and horizontally in a mul-tilevel modelling framework. One model can be connected vertically to several models allowing a model element to be an instance of several metaclasses(More)
The demographic changes are producing aging societies across the world, resulting in greater demands on the health and care systems due to age-related disabilities and chronic diseases. Efficient telehealth and telecare services are needed to control the corresponding expenditures, by supporting increased collaboration between different professional and(More)
Standardized terminologies are introduced in healthcare with the intention of improving information quality, which is important for enhancing the quality of healthcare itself. The International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®) is a unified language system that presents an ontology for nursing terminology; it is meant for documentation of nursing(More)
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