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BACKGROUND Leflunomide is the prodrug of the disease modifying antirheumatic metabolite A77 1726. More than 50% of patients withdraw from leflunomide treatment within one year, mainly because of adverse drug reactions. Therapeutic drug monitoring of A77 1726 may be useful in predicting the efficacy of leflunomide treatment. OBJECTIVE To study the relation(More)
137 Electrocardiographic changes, among which Q-T interval prolongation and T wave changes resulting in torsade de pointes have occurred with psychotropic drugs [2]. Q-T interval prolongation and T wave changes are rare but known adverse reactions of pipamperone [1]. Torsade de pointes is a rare adverse reaction of haloperidol, another butyrophenone [3 4].(More)
IMPORTANCE To our knowledge, an observational study on the remission of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) after different types of bariatric surgery based on data from general practice has not been carried out. OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of different types of bariatric surgery in patients with T2DM on diabetes remission compared with matched control(More)
The purpose of this review is to evaluate the influence of bariatric surgery on the use and pharmacokinetics of some frequently used drugs. A PubMed literature search was conducted. Literature was included on influence of bariatric surgery on pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacokinetics. Drug classes to be searched for were antidepressants, antidiabetics,(More)
INTRODUCTION Valproic acid is increasingly used in the treatment of epilepsy, and also prescribed for bipolar affective disorders, schizoaffective disorders, schizophrenia and migraine prophylaxis. We describe two case reports involving valproic acid intoxication with ingestion of ethanol. METHODS One patient was treated by supportive care, one patient(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the relation between serum and peritoneal levels of amphotericin B and flucytosine during intravenous treatment in patients with abdominal sepsis due to a perforated gut. PATIENTS AND METHODS Included were consecutive patients with abdominal sepsis due to a perforated gut, who were treated intravenously with amphotericin B and/or(More)
Purpose: A three‐way crossover study with seven healthy male volunteers was conducted to determine the relative bioavailability of phenobarbital after single dose administration of 100 mg of phenobarbital as oral solution in Myvacet 9‐08, and as a suspension, compared with a 100 mg phenobarbital tablet. Materials and methods: At 4‐week intervals each(More)
Bariatric surgery can influence the prevalence and incidence of comorbidities, as well as the pharmacokinetics of drugs. This might lead to changes in the use of drugs. This study aimed to assess the influence of bariatric surgery on the use of medication in patients before and after surgery, focusing on type, number of medications, and daily dosage. In a(More)
Rectal absorption of morphine HCl from aqueous vehicles at different pHs in man has been compared with an orally administered solution. Plasma concentrations of morphine were measured by electrochemical HPLC analysis after a single dose of 10 mg morphine HCl, in a cross-over study in 7 volunteers. Rectal absorption of morphine was dependent on pH, which(More)