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The Centered Cubic Lattice method is used for an iso-surface extraction. This paper focuses on its comparison with other fundamental methods (Marching Cubes, Marching Tetrahedra) that are also used to extract an iso-surface from regular volume data. Iso-surfaces that are generated using above mentioned methods and mathematical data are compared due to area(More)
Many newly developed active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) have very low solubility in aqueous media. The preparation of solid dispersions (SDs) is one way of avoiding this problem. However, compound wettability and thus solubility are influenced by surface energy. In this study, we used inverse gas chromatography (IGC) to evaluate the surface energies(More)
At present, many devices produce the volume data as their output. The well-known data acquisition tools are e.g. MRI, CT or PET scanners, which are used mainly in the medical field. The volume data can represent density, velocity, humidity etc. in the form of structured or unstructured grid. Scientists need to explore such data to study their inner(More)
The work was aimed at the evaluation of a cleanliness of pharmaceutical equipments after the end of the production and subsequent cleaning process. The influence of a dirty-hold time, a time interval between the end of the production period and the beginning of the cleaning process on its efficiency and the cleanliness of the equipment has been studied. The(More)
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