Jan Paralic

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It has become very important for advanced organisat ions to make the best use of information gathered from various document sourc es inside companies and from external sources like the Internet. There are many technologies under development , which address knowledge discovery. On th e other hand, there is a lack of efficient technologies focused on(More)
This paper presents a particular approach how to support the knowledge creation processes that are based on innovative idea of trialogical learning.The key task in trialogical learning is to understand how the " weaker " forms of knowledge are used and made explicit in a meaningful way in collaborative processes. Trialogical learning provides mechanism by(More)
The occurrence of various meteorological phenomena, such as fog or low cloud cover, has significant impact on many human activities as air or ship transport operations. The management of air traffic at the airports was the main reason to design effective mechanisms for timely prediction of these phenomena. In both these cases meteorologists already use some(More)
Objectives and experiences gained during the first period of the IST project Webocracy (IST-1999-20364 " Web Technologies Supporting Direct Participation i n Democratic Processes ") are described in the paper. Project Webocracy contributes to empowering citizen s with innovative communication; access and polling system supporting increased participation of(More)
The Webocracy project aims to empower citizens with innovative communication, access and polling system, supporting increased participation in democratic processes. One of the main project goals is to develop an open source web-based system called WEBOCRAT as a multi-channel communication platform supporting e-government and e-democracy applications. Some(More)