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Open-cast mining activity is causing the largest georelief transfigurations all over the World. In our conditions are affected large localities in the Northwest Bohemia (the Czech Republic). In this area we focus on a very significant case of the royal town Most, where a town has been turned into a lake. The main aim of this paper is the reconstruction of(More)
The region of Northwest Bohemia has been influenced by the open cast mining for more than the last hundred years. During this period has the coal mining activity become very intense leaving huge change on the landscape. We may require the original landscape for many purposes (historical, landscape renewal). One of the ways how to reconstruct the original(More)
The natural development of the region of NorthWest Bohemia has been affected by human activity in many ways. In the brown-coal basin, the open-pit mines and the heavy/chemical industry have completely changed the shape of the georelief, including hydrographic networks, land-use and settlement. The neighboring Ore Mountains are victims of settlement(More)
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