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BACKGROUND Up to date, no information exists about the intra-articular temperature changes of the knee related to activity and ambient temperature. METHODS In 6 healthy males, a probe for intra-articular measurement was inserted into the notch of the right knee. Each subject was jogging on a treadmill in a closed room at 19 degrees C room temperature and(More)
The fungus Rhizopus oryzae converts both glucose and xylose under aerobic conditions into chirally pure L+-lactic acid with by-products such as xylitol, glycerol, ethanol, carbon dioxide and fungal biomass. In this paper, we demonstrate that the production of lactic acid by R. oryzae CBS 112.07 only occurs under growing conditions. Deprivation of nutrients(More)
Itaconic acid, an unsaturated C5-dicarboxylic acid, is a biobased building block for the polymer industry. The purpose of this study was to establish proof of principle for an anaerobic fermentation process for the production of itaconic acid by modification of the mixed acid fermentation pathway of E. coli. E. coli BW25113 (DE3) and the phosphate(More)
In vertebrates and bacteria, heparosan the precursor of heparin is synthesized by glycosyltransferases via the stepwise addition of UDP-N-acetylglucosamine and UDP-glucuronic acid. As heparin-like molecules represent a great interest in the pharmaceutical area, the cryptic Pasteurella multocida heparosan synthase PmHS2 found to catalyze heparosan synthesis(More)
We introduce a new concept for improved interaction with complex scenes: multi-frame rate rendering and display. Multi-frame rate rendering produces a multi-frame rate display by optically or digitally compositing the results of asynchronously running image generators. Interactive parts of a scene are rendered at the highest possible frame rates while the(More)
We present our experiences of combining wave field synthesis audio with a projection-based multi-viewer stereo display. Wave field synthesis is able to simulate spatial sound sources of various kinds without the need for headphones or user tracking. Multi-viewer systems support multiple tracked users with individual perspectively correct stereoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND Many microalgae accumulate carbohydrates simultaneously with triacylglycerol (TAG) upon nitrogen starvation, and these products compete for photosynthetic products and metabolites from the central carbon metabolism. As shown for starchless mutants of the non-oleaginous model alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, reduced carbohydrate synthesis can(More)
Aspergillus PCR testing of serum provides technical simplicity but with potentially reduced sensitivity compared to whole-blood testing. With diseases for which screening to exclude disease represents an optimal strategy, sensitivity is paramount. The associated analytical study confirmed that DNA concentrations were greater in plasma than those in serum.(More)
Multi-frame rate rendering is a parallel rendering technique that renders interactive parts of the scene on one graphics card while the rest of the scene is rendered asynchronously on a second graphics card. The resulting color and depth images of both render processes are composited and displayed. This paper presents advanced multi-frame rate rendering(More)
This paper presents tools and techniques to support script-ing interfaces in distributed virtual environments. Our main contribution is the introduction of a shared name space, which allows scripts to access shared objects in remote execution contexts as if they were local. This greatly simplifies the development of scripted distributed applications. We(More)