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PURPOSE Acute gastrointestinal (GI) dysfunction and failure have been increasingly recognized in critically ill patients. The variety of definitions proposed in the past has led to confusion and difficulty in comparing one study to another. An international working group convened to standardize the definitions for acute GI failure and GI symptoms and to(More)
INTRODUCTION There is an increasing demand for intensive care in hospitals, which can lead to capacity limitations in the intensive care unit (ICU). Due to postponement of elective surgery or delayed admission of emergency patients, outcome may be negatively influenced. To optimize the admission process to intensive care, the post-anaesthesia care unit(More)
In order to improve quality (of therapy), one has to know, evaluate and make transparent, one's own daily processes. This process of reflection can be supported by the presentation of key data or indicators, in which the real as-is state can be represented. Quality indicators are required in order to depict the as-is state.Quality indicators reflect(More)
INTRODUCTION End-of-life-decisions (EOLD) have become an important part of modern intensive care medicine. With increasing therapeutic possibilities on the one hand and many ICU-patients lacking decision making capacity or an advance directive on the other the decision making process is a major challenge on the intensive care unit (ICU). Currently, data are(More)
Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of the carotid artery was performed in four patients with recurrent stenosis following endarterectomy. Balloon catheter dilatation was successful in 3 of the 4 lesions. Post dilatation angiography demonstrated an increase in luminal diameter: there were no neurological complications with the procedure. PTA appears to be(More)
Venous anastomoses at the base of the brain are represented by the anterior and posterior communicating veins. The anterior communicating vein anastomoses with the anterior communicating vein anastomoses with the anterior cerebral veins. The posterior communicating veins join the basal veins through the interpenduncular veins. The functional value of these(More)
INTRODUCTION Most case series suggest that less than half of the patients receiving a mechanical cardiac assist device as a bridge to recovery due to severe post-cardiotomy heart failure survive to hospital discharge. Levosimendan is the only inotropic substance known to improve medium term survival in patients suffering from severe heart failure. METHODS(More)