Jan Orłowski

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Background. Intraarticular distal radius fractures are marked by a significant amount of soft tissue damage, which is not always noticed on routine X-rays. The lack of early diagnosis and treatment of these lesions can lead to the development of carpal instability, and subsequently to limited range of motion or wrist pain syndrome. The purpose of this(More)
Absorption of m-xylene and excretion of m-methylhippuric acid were investigated under controlled conditions in ten volunteers aged 17-33 years. They were exposed to m-xylene vapours at concentrations of 100, 300, and 600 mg/m3. It was found that m-xylene vapour retained in the lungs tended to decrease at the end of the exposure. An exposure test was(More)
From 1997 to 2002 in the Department of Traumatology there had been performed 488 total hip replacements: 334 in men and 454 in women at the age between 20 and 84 (average 63.6). The procedures were performed by 12 surgeons and postero-lateral approach was used. Dislocation was found in 22 patients (4.51%): 14 women and 8 men. Majority of dislocation(More)
Indications for radial head endoprosthetic replacement (Link) and early results in 2 patients 52 and 20 years of age are presented. Excellent results were achieved according to Mayo Elbow Performance Index criteria. The authors introduce own dismantable endoprosthesis with moving head.
The authors describe its own design--bipolar radial head prosthesis. The value of this prosthesis is analyzed. The early results in 10 patients, age 20-69 (average 36 years), 7 male and 3 female have been reported. The results are excellent and good. The authors conclude that this prosthesis should be used as an alternative for radial head resection.
The diagnosis of the meniscal and ligament injuries accompanying the tibial plateau fractures is difficult and unconvincing. Thus the capsular, ligament and meniscal injuries coexisting with this kind of fractures were questioned for many years. Introducing of MR afforded for the precise evaluation of the bone as well as the soft tissue injury. This article(More)
Clinical, radiological and dynamometric assessment served to evaluate results of treatment for the radial head fracture in 51 patients out of 89 managed between 1983 and 1993. Comminuted fractures, especially if complicated by ligament-capsular injury of the elbow have bad prognosis. Results of treatment are poor in this type of injury regardless the mode(More)
Introduction. Progressive osteoporosis as a cause of bone fractures is a serious clinical and social problem.<br /> Material and methods. We studied 465 elderly patients treated surgically for fractures of the proximal femur. 3rd and 4th-degree fractures of the femoral neck according to the Garden scale were operated by Austin-Moore hemiarthroplasty or(More)