Jan Oosterhaven

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Under a set of reasonable assumptions, it is shown that all manuscripts submitted to any journal will ultimately be published, either by the first journal or by one of the following journals to which a manuscript is resubmitted. This suggests that low quality manuscripts may also be published, which further suggests that there may be too many journals.
Foreword The main part of this book contains a report prepared for SACTRA by David Simmonds Consultancy in collaboration with Marcial Echenique and Partners Limited, " Review of Land-Use/Transport Interaction Models ". The main text of the report is accompanied by an extensive set of Annexes, which have a separate Contents section starting on page 75.(More)
Jackson & Murray (2004) claim that their sign-preserving minimisation of squared differences in coefficients produces a smaller information loss in updating IO transaction matrices than the iterative GRAS algorithm of Junius & Oosterhaven (2003). Here we sort out differences in measures from calculation errors, and show that the information loss needs to be(More)
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