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The relationships between storage gas composition and ascorbic acid (AA) levels, and between AA levels and the development of internal browning, were studied in ‘Conference’ and ‘Rocha’ pears (Pyrus communis L.). In both cultivars, AA levels declined under (browning-inducing) controlled atmosphere (CA) conditions, i.e. lowered O2 and enhanced CO2(More)
Under a set of reasonable assumptions, it is shown that all manuscripts submitted to any journal will ultimately be published, either by the first journal or by one of the following journals to which a manuscript is resubmitted. This suggests that low quality manuscripts may also be published, which further suggests that there may be too many journals.
Since 1990, international tourism to China has grown as dramatically as has the rest of the Chinese economy. We investigate the impact of international tourism on the Chinese economy for 1997, the last year for which an input-output table, a social accounting matrix and tourist expenditure data are available with some sectoral detail. With these data we(More)
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