Jan Oliver Winkler

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Autonomous robots in unstructured and dynamically changing retail environments have to master complex perception, knowledge processing, and manipulation tasks. To enable them to act competently, we propose a framework based on three core components: (•) A background knowledge enabled perception system, which is capable of combining diverse information(More)
Autonomous robotic agents acting in open environments have to master situations and action effects they did not anticipate. To deal with these issues we propose an information processing concept for plan interpretation that is based on three concepts: • statically defined, and dynamically inferred knowledge, • context-definition on a task level to(More)
Autonoumous robotic agents performing human-scale manipulation activities in open environments will need extensive knowledge processing capabilities. In previous work we presented OPENEASE, an online knowledge representation and reasoning framework with interfaces for both autonomous agent systems and robotics researchers. We propose to hold an interactive(More)
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