Jan-Oliver Hollnagel

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Epileptogenesis following insults to the brain may be triggered by a dysfunctional blood-brain barrier (BBB) associated with albumin extravasation and activation of astrocytes. Using ex vivo recordings from the BBB-disrupted hippocampus after neocortical photothrombotic stroke, we previously demonstrated abnormal activity-dependent accumulation of(More)
Fast neuronal network oscillations in the gamma frequency band (30-100 Hz) occur in various cortex regions, require timed synaptic excitation and inhibition with glutamate and GABA, respectively, and are associated with higher brain functions such as sensory perception, attentional selection and memory formation. However, little is known about energy and(More)
OBJECTIVE The need for alternative pharmacologic strategies in treatment of epilepsies is pressing for about 30% of patients with epilepsy who do not experience satisfactory seizure control with present treatments. In temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) even up to 80% of patients are pharmacoresistant, and surgical resection of the ictogenic tissue is only(More)
Sharp wave ripples (SPW-Rs) are thought to play an important role in memory consolidation. By rapid replay of previously stored information during slow wave sleep and consummatory behavior, they result from the formation of neural ensembles during a learning period. Serotonin (5-HT), suggested to be able to modify SPW-Rs, can affect many neurons(More)
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