Jan Oleński

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PURPOSE Analysis of the incidence of congenital brain malformations in children with spastic cerebral palsy (CP) in a hospital-based study. MATERIAL AND METHODS The present study included 74 boys and 56 girls with spastic tetraplegia, diplegia, and hemiplegia CP. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI findings were analyzed in children with CP. RESULTS(More)
Since the sensitivity and specificity of serologic tests for echinococcosis is low, the role of imaging techniques is increasing. The goal of this study was to determine the usefulness of ultrasonography in diagnostics and classification of liver hydatid cysts and in the follow up after antiparasitic treatment. The study group of 35 persons, 26 women (mean(More)
Computed tomography is today the best method of imaging to study chronic middle ear diseases. The aim of this study was to assess the diagnostic value of CT scan in cases of middle ear cholesteatoma in children. The preoperative CT scans were compared with the operative findings in retrospective analysis of 60 ears operated between 1998-2001. Our results(More)
Radiotherapy focused on the neck, upper mediastinum or cranium can raise the risk of thyroid dysfunction. The influence of radio- and chemotherapy on thyroid morphology and function after treatment of Hodgkin's disease in 31 children and acute lymphoblastic leucaemia in 36 children was evaluated. Clinical examination, estimation of blood TSH, FT4 levels as(More)
We describe two cases of venous malformations in the parotid gland that were operated on due to cosmetic reasons. We present the main differences between hemangiomas and vascular malformations and we also emphasize the importance of correct diagnosis in vascular lesions what is crucial for selection of appropriate treatment.
Five cases of tuberculous meningoencephalitis with severe course treated in the period 1991-1994 at the Department of Parasitic Diseases and Neuroinfections, Medical Academy in Białystok are reported. Diagnostic difficulties encountered in these cases, the clinical courses and the results of the treatment are discussed. The always lethal outcome of(More)
Aeration of the middle ear is the prerequisite of it proper function. It is also necessary for successful surgical reconstruction in cases of chronic otitis media. The anterior epitympanic recess (AER) has attracted the attention in recent years as possible additional route of ventilation. The preoperative axial CT scans of the temporal bones were compared(More)