Jan Olbrecht

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BACKGROUND Allergic rhinitis (AR) and noninfectious, nonallergic rhinitis (NINA) are common disorders, which may prompt patients to seek medical help. METHODS We performed a survey in a representative sample of the Belgian population (n=4959) with an overall prevalence of self-declared recent rhinitis symptoms of 39.3%. Detailed information on patients(More)
The present study examined the relationship between lactic acid concentration in capillary blood and swimming velocity during 11 typical endurance exercises (continuous swimming for 30 and 60 min, interval swimming with distances between 50 and 400 m, and with rest periods of 10 and 30 s) and during the "two-speed test" recently described by Mader. It was(More)
Beta-endorphin (Β-End) and adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) were determined in the peripheral blood of 14 human volunteers exercising on a bicycle ergometer. After 1 h of submaximal work below anaerobic threshold (AT), defined as the 4 mmol · l−1 lactic acid level in arteriolar blood (Kindermann 1979; Mader 1980), Β-End and ACTH levels did not change(More)
BACKGROUND Endotoxin is a pro-inflammatory agent contaminating the dust that has been associated with the risk to develop pulmonary diseases. There is no data on the protective efficacy of anti-asthmatic drugs on the response induced by inhaled endotoxin in human. METHODS Twelve mildly asthmatic subjects were submitted weekly to bronchial challenge tests(More)
The effects of Pergolide, a potent dopamine agonist, on exercise-induced plasma prolactin (PRL) changes were studied in normal men. Exercises consisted of a graded bicycle ergometer test and of a 20-km endurance run. In both circumstances, treatment with Pergolide, when compared with placebo or control values, resulted in a significant suppression of basal(More)
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