Jan Oberlander

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In the ill hospitalized patient with clinically relevant malnutrition, there is a measurable decrease in the ratio of the total body potassium to total body water (TBK/TBW) and a detectable increase in the ratio of total exchangeable sodium to total exchangeable potassium (Nae/Ke). To evaluate body composition analyses in anorexia nervosa patients with(More)
To determine the prevalence of abnormal vitamin levels in an adult hospitalized population requiring total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and to assess the effect of routine parenteral vitamin therapy on vitamin levels, we studied 35 general surgical patients. Assays for 12 vitamins were performed both before and after a standard 10-day course of TPN. Patients(More)
The use of a fecal nitrogen (FN) predictive equation (Am J Clin Nutr 1978; 31:12-22, Cheng) based on dietary nitrogen intake (Nin) [FN (mg/kg/day) = 10.817 + 0.03 Nin(mg/kg/day)] was evaluated in patients with liver disease with and without concomitant lactulose therapy. Ten male cirrhotics were studied in 27 3-day nitrogen balance studies including(More)
We present an efficient asymptotically-optimal randomized motion planning algorithm solving single-query path planning problems using a bidirectional search. The algorithm combines the benefits from the widely known algorithms RRT-Connect and RRT* and scores better than both by finding a solution faster than RRT*, and -unlike RRT-Connect - converging(More)
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