Jan O. Biermeyer

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After the three DARPA Grand Challenge contests many groups around the world have continued to actively research and work toward an autonomous vehicle capable of accomplishing a mission in a given context (e.g. desert, city) while following a set of prescribed rules, but none has been completely successful in uncontrolled environments, a task that many(More)
Goal Apply advances in autonomous vehicles to improve human driver convenience and safety by developing a next-generation cruise control that is aware of its surroundings, using economical sensors such as visible light and thermal infrared cameras. Solution Real-time Model Predictive Control (MPC) allows us to utilize complex control objectives and(More)
Distributed real-time computing is one of the enabling technologies in establishing a team of autonomous robots. A team of soccer playing robots, Paderkicker, contains many computing nodes handling environment perception, artificial intelligence, team coordination, autonomous actuation, and interactions with external entities such as a remote server. Robots(More)
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