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After the three DARPA Grand Challenge contests many groups around the world have continued to actively research and work toward an autonomous vehicle capable of accomplishing a mission in a given context (e.g. desert, city) while following a set of prescribed rules, but none has been completely successful in uncontrolled environments, a task that many(More)
Based on our experience in the DARPA Urban Challenge and on current trends in consumer automobiles, we believe that driver assistance systems can be significantly improved by new techniques in control and sensing that have been developed for fully-autonomous driving. In particular, from the control community, real-time Model Predictive Control (MPC) can be(More)
Distributed real-time computing is one of the enabling technologies in establishing a team of autonomous robots. A team of soccer playing robots, Paderkicker, contains many computing nodes handling environment perception, artificial intelligence, team coordination, autonomous actuation, and interactions with external entities such as a remote server. Robots(More)
Team Members & Advisors—Eric Andres, Alexandre Bayen, Alex Brooks, Christopher Brooks, Iain Brown, Eric Chang, Wuyang Chen, Charlie Chiau, Jaechoon Chon, Hoam Chung, Gamini Dissayanake, Miguel Domingo, Bertrand Douillard, Vincent Duindam, Hugh Durrant-Whyte, J. Mikael Eklund, Ken Elkabany, Danish Farooq, Filip Furmanek, Mark Godwin, Michael Greenbaum, Jose(More)
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