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This thesis first critically analyzes John Rawls’s second principle of justice as a democratic conception of equality and the challenge posed to that conception by Ronald Dworkin’s ‘Equality of Resources.’ Democratic equality is defended over luck egalitarianism as an articulation of liberal egalitarianism. However, where Rawls deems social primary goods to(More)
Edited by British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Liberty, games and contracts: Narveson and the defence of libertarianism 1.Narveson, Jan, 19362. Libertarianism 3. Contractarianism (Ethics) 1.Murray, Malcolm 320.5'12 MALCOLM MURRAY University of Prince Edward Island, Canada Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Liberty, games, and(More)
There are two main moral issues regarding suicide: first, whether suicide is morally permissible, and if so, in what circumstances; and second, whether a person who knows that someone is contemplating or attempting suicide has an obligation to intervene and if so, how strong that obligation is. With respect to the first issue, it is difficult to resist the(More)
It is universally accepted in bioethics that doctors and other medical professionals have an obligation to procure the informed consent of their patients. Informed consent is required because patients have the moral right to autonomy in furthering the pursuit of their most important goals. In the present work, it is argued that evidence from psychology(More)
The question is what the mandated medical minimum for all should be. The correct answer is zero. That is to say, the government should not be forcing anyone to pay for anyone. The most popular arguments within the liberal framework, presumed to be shared by all, are briefly surveyed. Health care is provided by someone to someone else, and that someone else(More)
ED AND INDEXED The Journal of Libertarian Studies is abstracted and indexed in Historical Abstracts; America: History and Life; Political Science Abstracts; The Philosopher’s Index; and International Political Science Abstracts. The Journal of Libertarian Studies is published quarterly, in the spring, summer, fall, and winter by the Ludwig von Mises(More)