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The total yield of ergosterol produced by the fermentation of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae depends on the final amount of yeast biomass and the ergosterol content in the cells. At the same time ergosterol purity-defined as percentage of ergosterol in the total sterols in the yeast-is equally important for efficient downstream processing. This study(More)
The on-line estimation of biomass concentration and of three variable parameters of the non-linear model of continuous cultivation by an extended Kalman filter is demonstrated. Yeast growth in aerobic conditions on an ethanol substrate is represented by an unstructured non-linear stochastic t-variant dynamic model. The filter algorithm uses easily(More)
Modernisation of control systems of industrial biotechnology processes to the current technology levels presents a challenging task because nowadays, there is a bigger stress put on the automatisation of the production process so that the possible human fault is minimised. Therefore in this paper, the process of sequential modernisation of the control(More)
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