Jan Muhammad

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BACKGROUND Tuberculosis is a major public health problem of the developing nations including Pakistan. We need a simple, economical and non invasive test to make an early diagnosis of T.B. in order to avoid the complications. METHODS A study was conducted at the Dept. of Pulmonology, PGMI LRH Peshawar & Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad with the(More)
BACKGROUND Interpretation of gait data obtained from modern 3D gait analysis is a challenging and time consuming task. The aim of this study was to create neural network models which can recognise the gait patterns from pre- and post-treatment and the normal ones. Neural network is a method which works on the principle of learning from experience and then(More)
e-Science and e-Research is about supporting collaborations especially those that cross administrative boundaries. Typically this is achieved through establishing virtual organizations (VOs) where several institutions and individuals wish to contribute resources for their mutual interest, e.g. to address a given research topic. VOs can be fluid in nature(More)
Security breaches occur due to system vulnerabilities with numerous reasons including; erroneous design (human errors), management or implementation errors. Vulnerabilities are the weaknesses that allow an attacker to violate the integrity of a system. To address this, system administrators and security professionals typically employ tools to determine the(More)
The technique that is utilized for analyzing the complex data is known as data mining technique. As per the input dataset provided, the predictions are made for the data with the help of prediction analysis method. There are various new techniques proposed for the execution of prediction analysis technique. In this paper, the k-mean algorithm is utilized(More)
Due to enormous growth in mobile device technology, user's preferences have been shifted from traditional mobile phones and laptops to the other handheld devices such as smartphones. Signifícant efforts have been made to make smartphones rich in terms of processing capabilities and reduction on energy consumption. Despite the improvements in(More)
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