Jan Muhammad

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BACKGROUND Interpretation of gait data obtained from modern 3D gait analysis is a challenging and time consuming task. The aim of this study was to create neural network models which can recognise the gait patterns from pre- and post-treatment and the normal ones. Neural network is a method which works on the principle of learning from experience and then(More)
e-Science and e-Research is about supporting collaborations especially those that cross administrative boundaries. Typically this is achieved through establishing virtual organizations (VOs) where several institutions and individuals wish to contribute resources for their mutual interest, e.g. to address a given research topic. VOs can be fluid in nature(More)
There has been a global change of perception about right to education over the past few decades. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are one of such advanced means to access educational material and resources anywhere/anytime in the world. Invention of cloud computing technology has opened many options for organizations and individual to share(More)
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