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Previous research has documented the importance of audition in the development of typical infant vocalization. Of particular interest is the development of canonical babbling, which is related to mastery of the timing elements of speech. Children with severe to profound hearing loss who use hearing aids have demonstrated both delayed and deviant canonical(More)
In battling HIV, many interventionists advocate the use of hierarchical messages that present multiple prevention options in order of decreasing effectiveness. The purpose of the present study was to determine if hierarchical messages provide women with additional prevention options without reducing the perceived efficacy of and willingness to use the(More)
Over the last decade, cochlear implantation has become an increasingly viable alternative for the treatment of profound sensorineural hearing loss in children. Although speech and hearing professionals play an important role in the communicative, social, and academic development of children with cochlear implants, many may be unfamiliar with recent advances(More)
Introduction The National Center for Homeless Education provides an annual summary of research on an emerging topic related to educating homeless and highly mobile students. The 2012 research summary, regarding academic resilience in homeless students, prompted readers to ask for more effective strategies to assist students in the classroom. In response to(More)
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