Jan Miller McCrea

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Transfer RNA's were isolated from Euglena gracilis. Chloroplast cistrons for tRNA were quantitated by hybridizing tRNA to ct DNA. Species of tRNA hybridizing to ct DNA were partially purified by hybridization-chromatography. The tRNA's hybridizing to ct DNA and nuclear DNA appear to be different. Total cellular tRNA was hybridized to ct DNA to an equivalent(More)
Addition of thrombin to human platelets results in production of lysophosphatidic acid. Such synthesis of lysophosphatidic acid can be inhibited by mepacrine, an inhibitor of the phospholipase A2 which attacks phosphatidic acid to give lysophosphatidic acid. In the present study, mepacrine was used at a concentration of 2.5-20 microM, sufficient to block(More)
Four amines, galactosamine, mannosamine, histamine and arginine were studied for their effects on platelet aggregation, platelet morphological changes, platelet protein phosphorylation and platelet secretion. Galactosamine inhibited platelet aggregation in response to arachidonic acid and ionophore A23187 but did not inhibit changes in platelet morphology,(More)
As can be seen from this review, protein phosphorylation appears involved in both positive and negative regulation of platelets. To date, good evidence has been presented for the involvement of protein phosphorylation in the regulation of granule centralization (i.e. myosin light chain phosphorylation). It is probable that protein phosphorylation may also(More)
Platelet responses to halothane in normal individuals and in patients susceptible to malignant hyperthermia were evaluated. Platelets in platelet-rich plasma from both normal controls and patients underwent aggregation in response to halothane. There was no significant difference in the degree of aggregation between normal subjects and patients. Aggregation(More)
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